Every client benefits from the increased costs savings and flexibility associated with our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony solutions.

MCI has extensive experience with VoIP and makes your move to VoIP seamless:

  • Keep your existing phone numbers when moving away from legacy ISDN lines
  • Perfect quality VoIP calls using a single internet connection for telephony and data
  • Ensures all your voice calls are completely secure
  • Use your existing private phone systems such as Avaya IP Office with our VoIP Service
  • Upgrade to our scalable and feature rich Hosted PBX service with Cisco Handsets
  • Full integration with your data systems and networks
  • Access from anywhere or link in remote offices or home workers

Our solutions includs:

  • ANDROID OR IPHONE APP: Use your office phone on your smart phone! Give you more flexibility such as Work from home!
  • CALL FORWARD: Be sure not to miss important calls. Your phone calls can be automatically forwarded calls to another extension or to your mobile.
  • VOICEMAIL: As you would expect but messages can be forwarded by email if required.
  • HUNT GROUPS: Call queues can answer multiple calls and distribute them to agents to load balance all incoming calls.
  • OUTLOOK INTEGRATION: Integration with Microsoft Outlook provides the user with click to call and screen pop of contact details.

Products we support

Main product we support but not limited

The best thing about switching to a VoIP phone system, besides the productivity benefits and cost savings, is the ease of installation. There are no wires to worry about and your old “spaghetti junction” patching panel will be a thing of the past. We’ll take care of everything for you, including the supply of all new phone equipment, and manage your system. No matter how many employees you have or how many locations you work over, we’ll get you up and running quickly. As one of the industry’s leading VoIP providers, we’ll work closely with you so that we understand your existing business challenges and help to solve them with our agile, cost-effective and flexible telephony solutions.


    We support most of the brand in the market, such as Cisco, FreePBX, Asterisk,  3CX, and more!

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